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McIninch Foundation grant doubles your
first time on-line gift

Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of the McIninch Foundation, your gift to the NH Humanities Council will
go twice as far if you make a first-time online gift.

The McIninch Foundation
has awarded a $25,000 grant
to the Humanities Council to support the Council's resource development work. Through this grant, the McIninch Foundation will match new
on-line gifts up to a total of $10,000. Please help us
make the most of this unique opportunity and make a
secure on-line gift today

"I've been a sponsor,
participant and
for nearly forty years,
and consider the Council
among the state's most
effective cultural

Jere Daniell, Humanities to Go
resenter, Professor Emeritus at Dartmouth College, and
Humanities Council supporter
Donor Spotlight:
Emily and Herb Archer

Ways to give

The Annual Fund

Planned Giving




Make a gift that connects Granite Staters with ideas!

Your gift to the NH Humanities Council will:
  • Bring the wonder of books to more than 450 adult literacy students;
  • Connect more than 20,000 residents with our state's history and culture, and that of the world;
  • Energize the coming year of community conversations examining our Nation's founding document through Constitutionally Speaking;
  • Offer an opportunity to make a gift in honor of that special person who "needs nothing;"
  • Earn you a charitable gift deduction on your federal income taxes.

In a world saturated by mass and social media, could there be a more meaningful gift than helping to bring people
together for face-to-face conversations to examine the complex questions of our day?

Help spread the marvel of discovery by making your gift securely on-line today.


The NH Humanities Council has been connecting Granite Staters with ideas, and more importantly each other,
for nearly 40 years. Whether as a donor, audience member, or partner, we thank you for being part of our story!


Why Give?

Our community of contributors, scholars, and volunteers is truly a partnership in “connecting people with ideas.”While the Humanities Council’s mission is specific to New Hampshire, we are not part of the state government. We rely on contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations and civic organizations in order to offer free public programming that fosters lifelong learning, reflection, and respectful conversation.



Annual Fund

For most organizations, particularly those in rural areas, the Humanities Council is the only source of affordable educational and cultural programming.
Gifts made to the Annual Fund
are unrestricted and have an immediate impact enabling libraries, historical societies and many other organizations to have access to high quality and innovative humanities programs.

Funding the 21 st Century

Innovation, thoughtful conversation, and inspired civil debate are the hallmarks of an engaged citizenship. As we look to the past to live for today, the invested funds of the New Hampshire Humanities Council garner strength to ensure discussions in the future. There are several easy, convenient ways to make planned or deferred gifts such as bequests, gift annuities, or charitable remainder trusts or established an endowment fund. Each represents an important source of funding for our future plans and programs, and may also provide you with considerable taxsavings and other benefits in your estate.

Ways to Make a Gift

The New Hampshire Humanities Council thanks you in advance for considering a gift.


Gifts of Cash

The majority of gifts made to the Humanities Council come in the form of cash. A gift of cash entitles a donor to the most
generous federal income tax deduction available for charitable contributions.



Marketable Securities

If you have investments that have grown in value since you first acquired them, then you may be able to take advantage of the income tax charitable deduction. You will be entitled to a tax deduction for the full market value of your gift (Fair Market Value), as long as you have owned your investment for more than one year. Your gift of securities is valued on the date it reaches our stock account if transferred electronically by your broker or, if mailed, on the date the envelope is postmarked.

Please contact Jessica Eshleman by e-mail or at 603-224-4071 for transfer instructions.



Donor Spotlight
Why we give - New Hampshire Humanities Council supporters Emily and Herb Archer


Why do you donate to the NH Humanities Council?

Because the Humanities Council never forgets the human at the core of humanities. Whether they’re serving a fifth- generation New Hampshire native or a newly arrived Bhutanese, this organization actively listens for the pulse of its constituents, and responds with integrity, imagination, and New England practicality.
In a society where the “human” seems increasingly shaped by perishable commodities, superficial social relations, and polarizing language, the Humanities Council not only values but invests in imperishables: through programs that nurture civil conversations, respect for difference, and affirmation of democracy; that sparkle with intellectual curiosity and bring history, art, music, and ideas to life.

In these extraordinary times, where else can we ordinary folk go to engage enduring questions, reaffirm human values, and hear new ideas? Thanks to the Humanities Council, not far away, but where we live. Not distant or abstract, but embodied in the here and now. So why would we not want to invest in the voices of energized people at a table with an evocative reading, enjoying a meal and celebration of culture together, or with people swapping old New Hampshire tales or telling stories of their homeland around a stitching project? Where else can you meet familiar neighbors in the presence of a new idea, or new neighbors around an enduring one; explore a thought out-loud, and be heard with civility and interest?

The Humanities Council is a steward of these vessels. Every time we attend a new Humanities to Go presentation, a civic reflection series, or merely read about the fascinating offerings throughout the state, we are reinvigorated in our commitment to giving what we can to keep the Humanities Council thriving. As the Humanities Council thrives, so does New Hampshire and its people.

You’ve supported the NHHC since 1997 and recently became a monthly donor. Why did you become a monthly donor?

We changed our donation plan for two reasons: one, it’s practical--our dollar goes farther for the Humanities Council when we sustain monthly, and we want every penny to count; and two, our “sustaining” contribution simply mirrors what the NHHC itself is all about: sustaining our communities with invaluable programs, conversations, cultural and intellectual enrichment.

Does the NHHC provide a meaningful and worthwhile return on your investment?

Our investing in the Humanities Council is simply a joyful exchange of gifts. I would feel remiss, as though I had not written an essential thank-you note, upheld my side of the equation, or fully participated in some natural balance of human ecology, if we didn’t invest in an organization that itself gives so much to the state and local communities. The better question is, do I provide a return on the Humanities Council’s investment in my quality of life? That’s why we give what we can.

Emily and Herb Archer, Mont Vernon, New Hampshire

117 Pleasant Street, Concord, NH 03301
(603) 224-4071