Shadows Fall North Documentary & Discussion

How does a state with the motto “Live Free or Die” and a celebrated legacy of abolitionism confront and understand its participation in slavery, segregation, and the neglect of African-American history? Shadows Fall North is a documentary focusing on the efforts of two dedicated historic preservationists and activists, Valerie Cunningham of Portsmouth and JerriAnne Boggis of Milford, to recover the stories of people who have been rendered nearly invisible in the historical record.

Why is understanding African American history in rural New Hampshire relevant to all of the state’s inhabitants, not just people of color? To support a conversation about race, local history, and social equity, New Hampshire Humanities is funding "Too Long in the Shadows: African American History in Rural New Hampshire," a series organized by the Fells Historic Estate and Gardens, on Tuesday, June 1 in Warner and Sunday, June 10 in Newbury.