An Intergenerational Nature Writing Workshop

What is our relationship with the natural world. . . and each other? In this full-day workshop, Terry Osborne, Senior Lecturer at Dartmouth College, leads an intentionally intergenerational group of upper high school and college students through seniors. Participants will read selected nature writers, then spend time outside on the grounds of the Fells Estate, reflecting and writing about nature’s roles in our lives. After lunch, participants will share their work in small groups, putting stories together and creating friendship, community, and a broader perspective that is often overlooked —an inter-generational “quilt of communication” about the human-nature relationship. Among the writing examples will be the work of John Hay the Naturalist, who taught the same nature writing class as Professor Osborne at Dartmouth and who is connected to The Fells as the grandson of John Milton Hay. The workshop runs from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and registration is required. Limit: 20