Stumping for Lincoln: John Hay's Mission to Florida

Author,  historian, Concord Monitor editor emeritus, and former Pulitzer Prize Foundation administrator Mike Pride brings you along on John Hay’s mission to Florida during 1863 and 1864 in a lecture called “Stumping for Lincoln: John Hay’s Mission to Florida.” President Abraham Lincoln hoped to bring Florida back into the Union in time for the 1864 election. Treasury Secretary Salmon Chase, Lincoln's rival for the GOP nomination in 1864, had an alternative plan and sent a shady emissary to work on it. Lincoln countered by sending John Hay, who began repatriating Floridians in Union-held bastions along the East Coast. Hay concluded by the time he reached Key West that reconstruction efforts in Florida were premature.

This program is part of Diplomacy: Then and Now, a series that examines the history of some of the country’s biggest diplomatic efforts and explores the importance of diplomacy in today’s world. Diplomacy: Then and Now is presented by The Fells Historic Estate and Gardens and funded by a New Hampshire Humanities Community Project Grant.

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